About Us

Hy-Tec Construction has been building top quality commercial, industrial, and residential structures since 1989. With 90 years of combined experience, Hy-Tec grew from a six-person staff that focused primarily on commercial construction to a crew that now numbers 60 and builds everything from complex medical facilities and functional municipal buildings, to expansive manufacturing warehouses and custom lakeshore homes.

Our Architectural Division is led by a licensed architect with more than 20 years of experience. Having an in-house architect bolsters our design-build services.

Over the years, our formula for success has been consistent: We start by hiring tradesmen with a strong work ethic and a passion for their craft, and who demand perfection from themselves and their colleagues. We provide them with the latest technology and equipment, and then add challenging construction projects that allow them to showcase their skills. But the key to Hy-Tec is the people. Our workers have construction in their blood. Many are second or third generation builders, nearly all are from the Brainerd Lakes Area, meaning our customers are also our neighbors, folks we see at the lake after work, in the grocery store or at the kids' ball game. That's why pride plays such a significant part in what we do.

In many ways, we're a little old-fashioned. We enjoy working with our hands and getting dirty. "Good enough" is never an option. We appreciate a firm handshake, and we prefer to buy our materials locally because we value the success of our suppliers and the relationships we have with them.

Although those qualities don't show up in a budget, a construction schedule or a site plan, they are reflected in a finished product that's structurally sound and was built with great attention to detail. We prefer to do it right the first time - just like our grandfathers used to do.

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